My writing moves seamlessly from one genre to another, including web copy, articles and features, opinion columns and reviews.

I'm also an experienced editor who has worked with everyone from small publications to large sites with dozens of freelancers reporting to me.

I'm madly in love with AP Stylebook. I'll use Chicago Manual, but I'll feel dirty afterwards.


I'll let you in on a secret: digital marketing is not just social media - and social media alone won't save and sustain organizations. It's just one tool in an ever expanding digital tool box.

Boom. You're welcome.

When I'm not showing teams how to utilize their tools and incorporate storytelling strategy into their digital marketing, I review campaigns for cultural sensitivities before they go live. Pepsi should have called me.


When it comes to diversity, inclusion and equity, I enjoy speaking on diversity in media, tech and the digital marketplace with a balanced approach to today's tough topics.

I love the collaboration of panel discussions, welcome the intimacy of workshops and cherish the responsibility of keynotes. My goals whenever I speak are simple: tell the truth, be transparent and challenge audiences.

In the next months I will offer an additional set of services -

  • Inclusive Search Process & Diverse Talent Recruitment Support
  • Implicit Bias Training

Next Steps...

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